Carole Krummenacher: All You Need To know About Bob Costas’ Ex-Wife

Carole Krummenacher

Carole Krummenacher, primarily known as the ex-wife of the famed American sportscaster Bob Costas, has lived a life marked by a strong preference for privacy despite the public eye her marriage invited. Born in New York City on March 27, 1955, Carole’s life has spanned various roles from an educator to a homemaker, each colored by her mixed English, German, and Irish heritage. This article aims to delve deep into the life of Carole Krummenacher, exploring her early years, her marriage to Bob Costas, her role as a mother, and how she has navigated her life post-divorce while maintaining a low-profile existence away from the media spotlight.

Personal Details

  1. Full Name: Carole Krummenacher
  2. Date of Birth: March 27, 1955
  3. Birthplace: New York City, New York, USA
  4. Age: 68 years
  5. Nationality: American
  6. Ethnicity: English, German, Irish
  7. Zodiac Sign: Aries
  8. Profession: Former third-grade teacher, Homemaker during marriage
  9. Famous For: Being the ex-wife of Bob Costas
  10. Marital Status: Divorced from Bob Costas (married 1983–2001)
  11. Children: Two – Keith and Taylor
  12. Height: 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
  13. Weight: 125.6 lbs (57 kg)
  14. Body Measurements: 32-24-33 inches (Bust-Waist-Hip)
  15. Bra Size: 32B
  16. Shoe Size: 7.5 (US)

Early Life and Family Background

Born into a melting pot of cultures, Carole Krummenacher’s early life in New York City was enriched by her English, German, and Irish roots. Her upbringing in such a diverse environment likely contributed to her adaptable and resilient character. From an early age, Carole was known for her bright smile and keen intellect, traits that would define her personal and professional journeys. While details about her parents and siblings remain scarce due to her preference for privacy, it is understood that her family provided a stable and loving environment, fostering her growth into a well-rounded individual.

During her school years, Carole exhibited a passion for learning and teaching, which naturally led her to pursue a career in education. She completed her education in New York, attending local schools where she was both a diligent student and a compassionate peer. Her early interest in teaching was evident in her participation in various school programs, especially those involving younger children, setting the stage for her later career as a third-grade teacher.

Education and Early Career

Carole Krummenacher’s educational journey was marked by a strong commitment to her passion for teaching. She attended a reputed college in New York, where she majored in education. This period was not only about academic growth but also about personal development, as Carole honed her skills in communication and empathy, essential traits for a future educator.

Upon completing her degree, Carole embarked on her teaching career, taking up the role of a third-grade teacher. Her dedication to her students was apparent; she was not just a teacher but a mentor and a guide. Carole’s teaching style was interactive and inclusive, ensuring that each child felt valued and understood. Her ability to connect with her students and inspire a love for learning was a testament to her passion and skill in the field of education.

Carole’s Marriage with Bob Costas

In 1980, Carole’s life took a significant turn when she met Bob Costas, a rising sportscaster who was quickly making a name for himself in the world of sports journalism. Their paths crossed at the Weber School in St. Louis, where Carole was nurturing young minds as a third-grade teacher. Bob, known for his eloquent commentary and deep knowledge of sports, was drawn to Carole’s warmth and intelligence. Their relationship blossomed over shared interests and mutual respect, leading to their marriage in 1983.

The marriage marked the beginning of an 18-year journey together, during which Carole transitioned from her career as a teacher to a full-time homemaker. This shift was influenced by her desire to support Bob’s burgeoning career in sports commentating, a role that demanded extensive travel and irregular hours. Carole’s support was not just emotional but also practical, as she managed the home and ensured a nurturing environment for their growing family. Their union brought forth two children, Keith and Taylor, adding a new dimension to Carole’s life as she embraced motherhood with the same passion and dedication she had shown in her teaching career.

Who is Bob Costas?

Bob Costas is an esteemed American sportscaster known for his comprehensive coverage of major sports events, including the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and Major League Baseball. Born on March 22, 1952, in Queens, New York, Costas has built a distinguished career with NBC Sports, earning numerous Emmy Awards for his insightful commentary and in-depth knowledge of sports. His eloquence and journalistic integrity have made him a respected figure in sports broadcasting.

Carole And Bob Costas’s children

Carole and Bob Costas have two children, Keith and Taylor Costas. Keith was born in 1986, and Taylor followed in 1989. Both children have maintained a low profile, reflecting their mother’s preference for privacy. Despite their father’s fame, they have chosen to stay out of the public eye, with little information available about their personal or professional lives. This discretion aligns with the family’s overall approach to maintaining privacy and living away from the media spotlight.

Carole Krummenacher’s Preference For Privacy

Despite being married to a public figure, Carole Krummenacher maintained a staunch preference for privacy. While Bob Costas became a household name through his work with NBC and his numerous Emmy awards, Carole chose to stay out of the limelight. This decision was not a reflection of disinterest in her husband’s career but rather a conscious choice to preserve her and her family’s normalcy and privacy.

Carole’s aversion to public exposure meant she rarely appeared in media or at high-profile events, even when her husband was honored or celebrated. She was seldom featured in interviews, and her social media presence was virtually non-existent. This approach to privacy extended to her children as well, whom she shielded from the public eye, fostering in them a sense of normalcy despite their father’s fame. Her preference for a low-key life has made it challenging to uncover details about her post-divorce activities and current interests.

Life Post-Divorce

The year 2001 marked the end of Carole and Bob Costas’ marriage. While the details surrounding their divorce have been kept private, in keeping with Carole’s overall approach to her personal life, it is known that the split was handled with mutual respect and a focus on the well-being of their children. Post-divorce, Carole continued her life away from public scrutiny, choosing not to capitalize on her association with Bob Costas for personal gain or publicity.

In the years following her divorce, Carole has continued to live a life marked by the same discretion and privacy she valued during her marriage. There is little public information about her professional pursuits or personal endeavors during this period. She has remained absent from the social media landscape and public events, reflecting her ongoing commitment to a private lifestyle. This lack of visibility has only deepened the intrigue around her life and choices post-divorce.

Physical Appearance and Social Media Presence

Carole Krummenacher has chosen a life away from the public eye, including on social media platforms. As such, there is little information available about her current physical appearance or any active presence on social media. Her preference for privacy extends to keeping her personal and professional life, including her appearance, away from public scrutiny.

In the past, Carole was known to have a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) and weighed around 125.6 lbs (57 kg), with body measurements of 32-24-33 inches (Bust-Waist-Hip). She had a shoe size of 7.5 (US). However, current details about her appearance and any updates in her life remain private due to her absence from social media and the public domain.

Net Worth and Financial Situation

Regarding the financial aspects of Carole Krummenacher’s life, there is a stark contrast between what is known about her and her ex-husband. Bob Costas‘ net worth is publicly estimated to be between $40 million and $50 million, a testament to his long and successful career in sports journalism. In contrast, the specifics of Carole’s financial situation are not publicly documented due to her preference for privacy.

Final Thought

Carole Krummenacher’s life story is a testament to the strength and resilience of individuals who choose to live away from the glare of the spotlight. Despite being married to one of the most recognizable faces in sports broadcasting, Carole maintained her own identity, focusing on her family and personal privacy. Her journey from a passionate teacher to a supportive spouse and a devoted mother highlights the diverse roles women play, often behind the scenes. Her decision to maintain a low profile post-divorce further reinforces her commitment to a life defined not by fame but by personal values and privacy.


Q1: Who is Carole Krummenacher?

A1: Carole Krummenacher is best known as the ex-wife of American sportscaster Bob Costas. She was a third-grade teacher before marrying Bob and later became a homemaker to support his career.

Q2: How long were Carole and Bob Costas married?

A2: Carole and Bob Costas were married for 18 years, from 1983 until their divorce in 2001.

Q3: Did Carole Krummenacher have any children with Bob Costas?

A3: Yes, Carole and Bob have two children, a son named Keith and a daughter named Taylor.

Q4: Why is Carole Krummenacher famous?

A4: Carole Krummenacher is primarily known due to her marriage to Bob Costas, a prominent sportscaster. Her preference for a private life has also garnered attention.

Q5: What is known about Carole Krummenacher’s life post-divorce?

A5: Post-divorce, Carole Krummenacher has continued to maintain a low profile, avoiding social media and public appearances. Details about her life after the divorce are scarce due to her preference for privacy.

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