All About Donnie Yen’s Ex-Wife Zing-Ci Leung: Where Is Now?

Zing-Ci Leung

Zing-Ci Leung, predominantly known as Donnie Yen’s first wife, captures public curiosity not just for her association with the famed martial artist and actor but for her intriguingly private life post-divorce. This article explores the life of Zing-Ci Leung, tracing her roots from a quiet upbringing in London to her brief yet spotlighted marital journey with Donnie Yen.

Personal Details of Zing-Ci LeungZing-Ci Leung

  1. Full Name: Zing-Ci Leung
  2. Famous As: Donnie Yen’s Ex-Wife
  3. Date of Birth: Not Available
  4. Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom
  5. Age: Estimated to be in her 40s-50s
  6. Occupation: Celebrity Ex-wife
  7. Marital Status: Divorced
  8. Ex-Spouse: Donnie Yen
  9. Children: Man-Zeok Yen, aka Jeff
  10. Current Residency: United Kingdom
  11. Parents: Not Available
  12. Siblings: Not Available
  13. Gender: Female
  14. Nationality: British
  15. Religion: Christianity
  16. Ethnicity: White
  17. Sexuality: Straight
  18. Hair Color: Black
  19. Eye Color: Dark Brown
  20. Net Worth: Not Known

Early Life of Zing-Ci Leung

Born and raised in the vibrant city of London, Zing-Ci Leung’s early life was marked by a typical British upbringing. Her educational journey began at a local private school, leading to her pursuit of higher education at a well-regarded university. Despite her later association with celebrity, Zing-Ci’s formative years were steeped in simplicity and privacy, characteristics that she has maintained in her adult life.

Meeting Donnie Yen

The paths of Zing-Ci Leung and Donnie Yen first crossed in the early 1990s. Their initial meeting quickly blossomed into a relationship anchored by mutual interests and shared experiences. By 1993, their relationship had taken a serious turn, as evidenced by their marriage in a private ceremony in the United States, far from the public eye and media speculation.

Marriage to Donnie Yen

Zing-Ci Leung’s marriage to Donnie Yen was a significant chapter in her life, bringing her into the limelight due to her husband’s rising fame in the Hong Kong film industry. The couple made several public appearances together, most notably at the red carpet-event for Donnie’s film Heroes Among Heroes. Despite their burgeoning public persona, their marriage was intensely private, a sanctuary they both seemed to cherish.

Donnie Yen’s Career Impact

Donnie Yen’s career, characterized by his roles in action-packed martial arts films, inevitably impacted their marriage. His commitments to film projects often kept him away from home, placing a strain on their relationship. However, Zing-Ci was a steadfast partner, supporting his career despite the personal sacrifices involved.

Birth of Man-Zeok Yen

The birth of their son, Man-Zeok Yen, in 1995 was a joyous yet challenging time for the couple. Coming at a time when their marital difficulties were becoming more pronounced, their son’s arrival marked a bittersweet milestone. It was during this tumultuous period that their marriage began to unravel, leading to their eventual separation.

Divorce and Its Aftermath

The divorce between Zing-Ci Leung and Donnie Yen was finalized in 1995, a rapid conclusion to a marriage that could not withstand the pressures of celebrity, personal differences, and external influences. Post-divorce, Zing-Ci retreated from the public eye, choosing to focus on raising their son and rebuilding her life away from the media frenzy.

Legal and Financial Arrangements

Following their divorce, Donnie Yen ensured that Zing-Ci and their son were well taken care of financially. He provided substantial alimony, secured a luxury home for them, and set up a HKD 50,000 monthly living allowance. These gestures highlighted his ongoing commitment to their son’s welfare and his respect for Zing-Ci as the mother of his child.

Zing-Ci Leung’s Life Post-Divorce

Zing-Ci Leung’s life after her divorce is characterized by her deliberate choice to lead a low-key and private existence. She has remained out of the public eye, with no known social media presence or participation in public events. This privacy extends to her current whereabouts, which are not widely documented or known.

Current Status and Lifestyle

As of the latest updates, Zing-Ci Leung continues to live in the United Kingdom, maintaining a quiet and reserved lifestyle. Her current activities and professional engagements, if any, are kept private, aligning with her longstanding preference for staying out of the media spotlight.

Reflections on Marriage with Donnie Yen

While not much is publicly known about Zing-Ci’s reflections on her marriage to Donnie Yen, it is clear that the relationship had significant moments of both happiness and challenge. The legacy of their marriage, though brief, continues to evoke interest and speculation, particularly regarding the dynamics of celebrity relationships.

Zing-Ci’s Influence and Legacy

Despite the brevity of her marriage to Donnie Yen, Zing-Ci’s influence on his life during their time together was profound. Her support during the early stages of his career and their shared experiences as parents are indelible parts of Donnie’s public and private narrative.

Donnie Yen’s Current Family

Donnie Yen later remarried Cissy Wang, and together they have two children, James and Jasmine. His current family life is well-documented, contrasting sharply with his earlier marriage to Zing-Ci. Donnie’s continued success in film and martial arts is often shared with his fans through various media outlets.

Cultural Impact of Their Marriage

The marriage of Zing-Ci Leung and Donnie Yen had a noticeable impact on popular culture, particularly in Hong Kong. Their union and subsequent divorce were covered extensively by the media, reflecting the public’s fascination with celebrity marriages and their inherent pressures and challenges.


Zing-Ci Leung, once a central figure in Donnie Yen’s life, now leads a life marked by privacy and introspection. Her journey from a young woman in London to a figure of media focus and back to a private individual offers a compelling narrative about the complexities of life in and out of the limelight. While much about her current life remains unknown, her story continues to resonate with those who remember the brief intersection of her life with Donnie Yen’s storied career.


Q1: Who is Zing-Ci Leung?

A1: Zing-Ci Leung is best known as the first wife of Hong Kong martial arts superstar Donnie Yen. She is originally from London, UK, and has maintained a low-profile life post-divorce, focusing on her privacy and personal life.

Q2: When were Zing-Ci Leung and Donnie Yen married?

A2: Zing-Ci Leung and Donnie Yen were married in a private ceremony in the United States in 1993. Their marriage lasted for two years, ending in divorce in 1995.

Q3: Do Zing-Ci Leung and Donnie Yen have any children together?

A3: Yes, they have a son named Man-Zeok Yen, also known as Jeff, who was born in 1995, the same year they divorced.

Q4: What is known about Zing-Ci Leung’s life after her divorce from Donnie Yen?

A4: After her divorce, Zing-Ci Leung chose to lead a private life. She resides in the United Kingdom and avoids the media limelight. Details about her current activities are limited as she does not maintain a public social media presence.

Q5: How does Donnie Yen support Zing-Ci Leung and their son after the divorce?

A5: Donnie Yen has ensured financial stability for Zing-Ci and their son by providing alimony payments, securing a luxury home, and a substantial monthly living allowance, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to their well-being.

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