The Life Of Maria Burton Carson: All You Need To know Elizabeth Taylor’s adopted child

Maria Burton Carson


Maria Burton Carson’s story is one of glamour, resilience, and heartfelt philanthropy. Born in Munich, Germany, on August 1, 1961, and later adopted by Hollywood icons Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Maria’s life began under the sparkle of celebrity and public fascination. Despite the shadows cast by her famous parents, she has carved out her own identity as a fashion designer and philanthropist.

Her narrative is not just one of a child living in the glow of illustrious parentage but also of a woman who has utilized her position to influence the world positively. This article delves into her journey, exploring her professional achievements, personal life challenges, and her considerable contributions to society. It is a testament to how legacy and individuality can coalesce to create a meaningful impact, embodying both the allure of Hollywood and the genuine desire to make a difference.

Maria Burton Carson Profile Summary

  1. Full Name: Maria Burton Carson
  2. Date of Birth: August 1, 1961
  3. Place of Birth: Munich, Germany
  4. Nationality: American
  5. Religion: Christianity
  6. Profession: Fashion designer and philanthropist
  7. Eye Color: Brown
  8. Hair Color: Brown
  9. Sexual Orientation: Straight
  10. Marital Status: Divorced
  11. Ex-Spouses: Daniel Steve Carson and Tom McKeown
  12. Children: Elizabeth Carson and Richard
  13. Adopted Parents: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
  14. Siblings: Liza Todd, Kate Burton, Jessica Burton, Michael Wilding Jr., Christopher Edward Wilding, Barbie Claus Disney Rockefeller

Early Life and Adoption by Icons

Maria Burton Carson’s life story is interwoven with cinematic and familial drama, beginning from her birth on August 1, 1961, in Munich, Germany. The fact that she was adopted by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, two of Hollywood’s most illustrious figures of their time, set the stage for a life under the spotlight. At the tender age of three, amidst the couple’s famously turbulent relationship, Maria was brought into the Taylor-Burton fold.

This period was marked not only by glamour but also by her early health challenges, including a deformed hip that required multiple surgeries. The support and care from her adoptive parents during these formative years left a profound impact on Maria, shaping her views on compassion and resilience.

Career as a Fashion Designer

Maria Burton Carson parlayed her early exposure to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood into a career in fashion design. Drawing inspiration from her mother’s impeccable sense of style and the extensive wardrobe that accompanied Elizabeth Taylor’s public and private events, Maria developed a keen eye for fashion. Her designs often reflect the elegance and boldness that were trademarks of Taylor’s appearance.

Maria’s fashion line has been recognized for its innovative designs and has made appearances in various fashion shows across the United States. Her commitment to crafting clothing that empowers women is seen as a continuation of her mother’s legacy, who was not only a film icon but also a pioneer in using her platform to address significant social issues.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Inheriting more than just wealth from her mother, Maria Burton Carson adopted Elizabeth Taylor’s zeal for humanitarian work. Her philanthropic efforts are diverse, focusing on issues from health care to child welfare. Maria has been particularly active in supporting organizations that aim to improve surgical care for children born with physical deformities, a cause close to her own experiences and challenges as a child. Her role as a patron of various charities demonstrates her commitment to using her resources and influence to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Personal Life and Relationships

Maria Burton Carson’s personal life has seen its share of public interest, partly due to her high-profile parentage and partly due to her own ventures into the limelight. Her marriages—to Daniel Steve Carson and Tom McKeown—were both followed by the media, with each union producing a child and eventually ending in divorce. Despite these challenges, Maria has maintained a dignified presence, focusing on her children, Elizabeth and Richard, and her professional and philanthropic commitments. Today, she resides in Idaho, where she enjoys a quieter life away from the paparazzi’s flashbulbs, dedicating time to her personal projects and her family.

Overcoming Challenges

The scrutiny of being Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter has not been easy for Maria. Throughout her life, she has navigated the double-edged sword of privilege and privacy invasion. The expectations set by her mother’s fame and the public curiosity about her personal and professional life have demanded resilience and strength. Despite these pressures, Maria has carved out her own identity, both respecting her lineage and stepping beyond its shadow to establish her own legacy in fashion and philanthropy.

Legacy and Influence

Maria Burton Carson’s legacy is multifaceted. In the fashion industry, she is respected for her creativity and enduring sense of style. In philanthropy, her work is impactful, addressing real-world problems with practical solutions. Her life reflects the complex interplay of her heritage and her personal aspirations, illustrating how personal trials and public life can intertwine to forge a unique path.

Maria Burton Carson Networth

As of the latest available information, the specific details of Maria Burton Carson’s personal net worth are not publicly disclosed. However, it is known that she inherited a portion of her adoptive mother Elizabeth Taylor’s substantial estate. Elizabeth Taylor’s estate was estimated to be worth around $600 million at the time of her passing in 2011. The trust established by Taylor is believed to have distributed most of her assets among her children, including Maria, and to various charities.


Maria Burton Carson represents a blend of Hollywood legacy and personal triumph. Through her endeavors in fashion and philanthropy, she has demonstrated that one’s beginnings do not dictate one’s ending but can provide a powerful platform for meaningful impact. Her life is a testament to the strength of will, the importance of compassion, and the enduring influence of a loving family. As she continues to inspire with her work, Maria Burton Carson remains a significant figure in both the realms she chooses to grace with her presence.

Facts about Maria Burton Carson

Adoptive Heritage: Maria was adopted by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, two of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors, when she was three years old.

Health Challenges: Early in life, Maria had to undergo multiple surgeries due to a deformed hip.

Fashion Career: Leveraging her high-profile upbringing, Maria pursued a career in fashion design, focusing on empowering women through her clothing lines.

Philanthropic Efforts: Maria has been actively involved in various charitable activities, particularly focusing on children’s health care and surgical treatments, reflecting her own experiences with medical challenges.

Inheritance: She inherited a portion of Elizabeth Taylor’s estate, which was estimated to be worth $600 million at the time of Taylor’s passing.

Personal Struggles: Maria’s marriages to Daniel Steve Carson and Tom McKeown both ended in divorce, and she faced significant personal and media scrutiny during these times.

Parental Influence: The influence of her adoptive parents is evident in her philanthropic initiatives and commitment to the arts and humanitarian causes.

Residency: After years in the public eye, Maria now resides in Idaho, enjoying a more private life away from the Hollywood glare.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is Maria Burton Carson the biological daughter of Elizabeth Taylor?

A1: No, Maria Burton Carson was adopted by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Q2: How many siblings does Maria Burton Carson have?

2: Maria has six siblings: Liza Todd, Kate Burton, Jessica Burton, Michael Wilding Jr., Christopher Edward Wilding, and Barbie Claus Disney Rockefeller.

Q3: What does Maria Burton Carson do for a living?

A3: Maria Burton Carson is a fashion designer and philanthropist.

Q4: Has Maria Burton Carson inherited any wealth from her adoptive mother, Elizabeth Taylor? A4: Yes, Maria inherited some of Elizabeth Taylor’s assets, which have supported her philanthropic activities.

Q5: How many times has Maria Burton Carson been married?

A5: Maria Burton Carson has been married twice, both marriages ending in divorce.

Q6: Where does Maria Burton Carson live? A6: She currently lives in Idaho.

Q7: What are some of Maria Burton Carson’s philanthropic interests?

A7: Maria is particularly interested in improving surgical care for children with physical deformities and supporting various children’s health initiatives.

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