Who is Sabine Glenn?: Everything You Need to Know About AEW Sting’s Wife

Sabine Glenn
Sabine Glenn

Introducing Sabine Glenn as the wife of the AEW legend Sting, focusing on her own identity beyond her marriage. Highlight her background as a certified professional trainer and her notable choice to lead a private life away from the public eye. This sets the stage for a comprehensive exploration of her life, career, and the role she plays beside Sting.

Clarify the article’s aim to provide an in-depth look into Sabine Glenn’s life, from her early background to her professional endeavors and her life with Sting. State the intention to offer readers a unique glimpse into her personal achievements, challenges, and relationship dynamic with one of wrestling’s biggest names, emphasizing the respect for privacy and the limited information available.

Early Life and Background

Discuss Sabine Glenn’s origins, touching on her birthplace, presumed upbringing in Omaha, Nebraska, and any available information about her parents and siblings. This section aims to paint a picture of her early environment and potential influences on her character and life choices.

Speculate on her educational background and early interests based on her career as a certified professional trainer. Though specific details may be scarce, use this section to infer her dedication to fitness and wellness from an early age.

What Is Sabine Glenn’s Age?

Sabine Glenn, born in the 1960s, is in her late 50s as of 2024. This part will reflect on how age is just a number and not a defining aspect of her identity or her contributions, both as a professional and within her personal life. It’s an opportunity to discuss the maturity and wisdom she brings to her roles in life, including being a partner to Sting and a figure of intrigue in the public eye.

Sabine Glenn’s Professional Life

Sabine Glenn’s career path to becoming a certified professional trainer. Describe what the certification entails and the significance of her achievements in this field, considering the dedication required to attain such a status.

Explore her decision to shift focus from her professional career to becoming a homemaker. Discuss the possible reasons and motivations behind this change, reflecting on the value she places on family life and privacy.

Meeting Sting and Marriage

Narrate the story of how Sabine Glenn and Sting met, likely at a wrestling event, and the development of their relationship. Highlight the privacy they’ve maintained since their meeting, showcasing their decision to keep personal details from the public eye.

Provide insights into their marriage in 2015, including any publicly known details. Emphasize the couple’s choice to keep their marriage private, including the absence of details about the ceremony and life thereafter.

Sabine & Sting Have Three Children

Discuss the blended family dynamics, including Sabine’s two daughters from a previous relationship and Sting’s three children. This section will explore how they have managed to create a unified family unit despite the complexities that come with blending families, emphasizing their commitment to each other and their children.

Who Are Sabine Glenn’s Parents?

Introduce Frank and Helen Wasicki, Sabine Glenn’s parents, who emigrated from Poland. This part of the article will touch upon her heritage and the values instilled by her family, which might have influenced her preferences and lifestyle choices, including the emphasis on privacy and family.

Sabine Glenn’s Siblings

Mention Sabine’s three sisters – Regina, Pauline, and Alfreda – and a brother named Raymond, providing insight into her family background. This section will briefly explore her connections and relationships within her family, reflecting on how these bonds may have shaped her perspectives on privacy and public life.

Role in Sting’s Life

Delve into Sabine’s role as a supportive partner to Sting, especially highlighting how she has been present through the ups and downs of his wrestling career. Discuss the importance of her support in Sting’s life and career, acknowledging the lack of public details due to their privacy preference.

Discuss the family dynamics, including the blending of Sabine’s and Sting’s children from previous relationships. Mention their approach to parenting and family life, underlining the strong bond they share despite the absence of detailed public information.

Social Media Presence

Examine Sabine Glenn’s minimal presence on social media, reflecting her choice to keep her personal life private. This section will discuss how her absence from these platforms reinforces the couple’s commitment to privacy and the rare glimpses it provides into her life and values.

The Private Life of Sabine Glenn

Elaborate on the couple’s deliberate choice to keep their personal life private. Discuss the possible reasons behind this decision and its impact on public perception and media coverage.

Reflect on how their privacy has only fueled public fascination. Discuss the balance between public interest in their lives and their right to privacy, considering the limited information available on social media or public records.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

Discuss Sabine Glenn’s and Sting’s estimated net worth, reflecting on their successful careers and prudent financial management. Highlight the challenges of estimating the net worth of individuals who keep their personal life so private.

Speculate on their involvement in philanthropic efforts and personal interests, emphasizing the lack of public details but acknowledging their potential contributions to society and individual pursuits outside the public eye.


Summarize the key points discussed about Sabine Glenn’s life, emphasizing her multifaceted identity as a professional, wife, and private individual. Highlight her significant yet understated impact on those around her, especially Sting.

Conclude with reflections on the importance of respecting their privacy while acknowledging the public’s interest. Reiterate the value of understanding Sabine Glenn through the available glimpses into her life, praising the strength and depth of character evident in the choices she’s made.


(FAQs) about Sabine Glenn

Who is Sabine Glenn?

Sabine Glenn is known primarily as the wife of the AEW wrestling legend, Sting (Steve Borden). Beyond her association with the wrestling icon, she is a former certified professional trainer and a dedicated homemaker, celebrated for her strong preference for privacy and her role in supporting her family away from the public eye.

How did Sabine Glenn meet Sting?

Sabine Glenn and Sting met at a wrestling event, believed to be around the time Sting was participating in WWE events. Their shared interests and eventual mutual connection led to a relationship that culminated in marriage in 2015. The specific details of their meeting are kept private, aligning with their preference for maintaining personal matters away from public scrutiny.

What is known about Sabine Glenn’s professional career?

Before dedicating her life to her family, Sabine Glenn was a certified professional trainer. While specific details of her career are not widely publicized, this background suggests she has a strong commitment to health, wellness, and personal fitness. Her professional endeavors have taken a backseat as she focuses on her family life.

Do Sabine Glenn and Sting have children together?

Sabine Glenn and Sting do not have biological children together, but they share a blended family. Sabine has two daughters from a previous relationship, and Sting has three children from his first marriage. Together, they have created a cohesive family unit, emphasizing love, respect, and privacy.

Why do Sabine Glenn and Sting prefer to keep their lives private?

Sabine Glenn and Sting’s preference for privacy is a shared value between them, deeply rooted in their desire to protect their family life and maintain normalcy away from Sting’s public wrestling career. This choice reflects their commitment to each other and their family, allowing them to focus on what matters most to them without the constant intrusion of media and public attention.

What is Sabine Glenn’s net worth?

Sabine Glenn’s net worth is estimated to be between $2-3 million, a figure that reflects her past professional endeavors and her partnership with Sting. It’s important to note that specific details about their finances are speculative due to their private nature.

How active is Sabine Glenn on social media?

Sabine Glenn maintains a very limited presence on social media, in line with her and Sting’s preference for privacy. This choice underscores their commitment to keeping their personal life out of the public domain as much as possible, allowing them to control the narrative around their lives and maintain a level of normalcy.

How does Sabine Glenn contribute to her community or philanthropic efforts?

Details regarding Sabine Glenn’s contributions to community or philanthropic efforts are not widely known, consistent with her overall preference for privacy. However, it’s reasonable to speculate that any contributions she makes align with her values and are conducted away from the public eye, emphasizing the importance of discretion in her charitable activities.

This FAQ section aims to address the most common questions about Sabine Glenn, offering concise answers that provide insight into her life with Sting, her professional background, and their shared values of privacy and family.

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