What makes pear-shaped diamonds special on Rare Carat?

Rare Carat is the best place for the buyers who are searching for the right diamond. Rare Carat enjoys a reputation for offering only the highest quality diamonds, as well as the largest choice of them, which guarantees you will be able to find the best prices for them. When it comes to the selection of options, pear shaped diamonds are one of the most exquisite and unique. 

Pear shaped diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds also known as teardrop shaped diamonds are a combination of both round and the marquise cut. This cut is a round shape at the end of the nail and a sharp tip; it elongates the finger and looks classy. Rare Carat diamonds, especially the pear shaped, are well cut to offer the best brilliance and fire and are applied in engagement and other fine jewelry. 

Why Should You Trust Rare Carat to Buy From? 

I was intimidated when I wanted to buy diamonds for my fiancé and I; however, Rare Carat has made it easy for one to go through their website and get all the details that one needs. You can purchase from Rare Carat . All diamonds are graded according to cut, clarity, color and carat weight so you have the right choice. The website also has clear images and 360 videos that allow the client to see all the angles of the selected diamond. 

How to get the best deal on diamonds 

Rare Carat has a policy of pricing their products fairly and at the same time do not compromise on the quality of the products. Their price comparison option assists in getting the best value for your money in case of diamonds. Also, the company works with well-reputed gemological laboratories which guarantee that each diamond is accredited, which can be a bonus for the buyers. You can find best deals for diamonds from Rare Carat.

Exceptional Customer Experience 

Another thing that one cannot help but observe with Rare Carat is the concern with the customer. From the moment you enter their website, they will provide you with a good and easy shopping experience. It is easy to navigate, informative, and contains the information that will enable the users to filter and select diamonds based on their preferences. Also, the customer support of Rare Carat is always there for any inquiries and concerns that you may have and will personally guide you in finding the perfect diamond for you.  

Pear Shaped Diamond Collection of Rare Carat 

Rare Carat has a large number of pear shaped diamonds and this is evidence that this cut is versatile and beautiful. Each diamond is selected and polished in a way that would bring out the best in the stone. Rare Carat has all types of solitaire settings starting from the most basic one that only emphasizes the shape of the diamond to the most complex one that comes with halo or side stones. 

Customization and Personalization 

The other benefit of shopping for your jewelry at Rare Carat is that you can design your piece. Their online tools are easy to use and allow you to select the setting and then the pear-shaped diamond of your choice. This customization is actually a good way to make your piece unique and as close to your personality as possible. Additionally, Rare Carat has engraving services which makes the jewelry you are wearing to be special in one way or the other. 

Expert Guidance and Education 

Rare Carat does not only offer their clients with the diamonds but also make sure that the clients have all the information that they need to have about diamonds. Their website has detailed articles on the 4Cs: four attributes namely the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight to help you understand what to expect of a diamond. They also offer working tips on how to maintain your diamond jewelries and make them look as new as they were when you bought them. 


Pear shaped diamonds are elegant and brilliant and are thus much sought after by many people. Not only will you receive a beautiful diamond when you choose to buy from Rare Carat

, but you will also receive the best buying experience. Due to their orientation to quality, honesty, and the client, Rare Carat is the best site to search for the best deals on diamonds. Go to their collection today and find out why pear shaped diamonds are so special on Rare Carat.