The Untold Story of Sherry Aon: Philanthropy, Family, and Artistic Passion

Sherry Aon

In the vibrant mosaic of the entertainment world, some figures shine not because they seek the spotlight but because their genuine essence and deep connections naturally draw attention. Sherry Aon, born in 1979 in New York City, represents such a figure. While she may be widely recognized as the wife of Rick Gonzalez, a renowned actor, her own story is rich with layers of artistry, dedication, and a profound commitment to family. This comprehensive exploration into Sherry Aon’s life reveals how she seamlessly blends her passions with her personal life, creating a harmonious existence that inspires many.

Personal Details

  1. Full Name: Sherry Aon
  2. Date of Birth: 1979
  3. Place of Birth: New York City, USA
  4. Ethnicity: Puerto Rican and Dominican descent
  5. Education: Attended Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts
  6. Career: Former model, involved in various charitable causes
  7. Marital Status: Married to Rick Gonzalez
  8. Marriage Year: 2011
  9. Children: One daughter, Skylar Gonzalez, born in 2013
  10. Residence: Hidden Hills, California, USA
  11. Interests: Arts, fitness, wellness, social advocacy
  12. Public Role: Known primarily as the wife of actor Rick Gonzalez but maintains a low-profile presence in media
  13. Social Media: Selectively active, focusing on family, advocacy, and personal insights
  14. Net Worth: Not disclosed but intertwined with her husband’s financial successes
  15. Philanthropy: Active in supporting underprivileged children and promoting arts education
  16. Personal Values: Emphasizes privacy, family, and community contribution
  17. Role as a Role Model: Known for her resilience, dedication to family, and community service.

Early Life and Education

Sherry Aon was born into a culturally rich background, with her family roots extending to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This diverse heritage not only shaped her world-view but also infused her with a deep appreciation for the arts. Sherry’s journey into the artistic world began at Manhattan’s prestigious High School of the Performing Arts. It was here that she cultivated her passion for performance, although not with the aim of personal fame but rather to connect and support those around her.

Career Beginnings

Post-graduation, Sherry’s path took an intriguing turn toward the fashion industry. Her striking features and charismatic presence led her to work with iconic fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren. Sherry’s modeling career, though not her primary focus, brought her into the limelight and introduced her to a wider audience. This phase of her life underscored her versatility and her ability to thrive in diverse environments.

Meeting Rick Gonzalez

Sherry Aon

The most pivotal moment in Sherry’s life came during her high school years when she met Rick Gonzalez. Their connection was instant and profound, setting the foundation for a long-lasting relationship. After years of friendship and growth, the couple solidified their bond through marriage in 2011. Rick, who has enjoyed a successful career in both television and film, often credits Sherry as his steadfast support, helping him navigate the complexities of Hollywood.

Who is Rick Gonzalez?

Sherry Aon

Rick Gonzalez is an American actor and musician, born on June 30, 1979, in Brooklyn, New York. He is well-known for his roles in television and film, including movies like “Coach Carter” and “Roll Bounce,” as well as TV shows such as “Reaper” and “Arrow.” Gonzalez has also ventured into music, releasing a mixtape under the moniker Realm Reality. His diverse talents in acting and music have made him a notable figure in the entertainment industry.

Family Life

The couple welcomed their daughter, Skylar Gonzalez, in 2013, which marked a new chapter in their lives. Sherry’s role as a mother is one she cherishes deeply, often prioritizing her daughter’s well-being and development over her public appearances. The family resides in Hidden Hills, California, where they enjoy a life away from the paparazzi and the hustle of the entertainment industry.

Personal Interests and Advocacy

Beyond her roles as a wife and mother, Sherry Aon is deeply involved in several advocacy projects. Her efforts are primarily focused on raising awareness about significant social issues through the arts. Sherry believes in the power of art to inspire change and often participates in events and campaigns that align with her values.

Supporting Role in Rick Gonzalez’s Career

Sherry Aon has been a cornerstone in the life of Rick Gonzalez, her husband and acclaimed actor. While Rick’s career took him in front of the cameras with roles in major films and TV series, Sherry has been the stabilizing force behind the scenes. Her unwavering support and understanding of the demands of the entertainment industry have allowed Rick to pursue his career ambitiously. Sherry’s role, often away from the public eye, involves managing the nuances of their family life, which in turn provides Rick with the grounding needed to excel professionally.

Interests and Passions

Apart from her familial duties, Sherry harbors a strong passion for the arts and social advocacy. Her early education at Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts laid a strong foundation for her appreciation of art, which continues to influence her activities. She is actively involved in various charitable causes, particularly those that benefit underprivileged children and promote arts education. Sherry also shows a keen interest in fitness and wellness, which are integral to her daily routine.

Public Perception and Media

In the eyes of the public and media, Sherry Aon is often seen through the lens of her husband’s fame. However, those who look closer see a woman of substance, defined by her resilience and quiet dignity. Sherry chooses not to seek the limelight, preferring to make her impact felt through direct action and personal integrity rather than through media engagement.

Sherry Aon’s Influence

The influence of Sherry Aon within her circle and beyond is profound. Her ability to balance her personal interests with the demands of being part of a celebrity family has made her a role model for many. Her hands-on approach to parenting and her advocacy for meaningful causes reflect her influence on her immediate family and her community. Her involvement in charity work and community service has inspired many to look beyond themselves and contribute to society.

Net Worth and Financial Insights

While specific details about Sherry Aon’s net worth are not publicly disclosed, it is known that her financial situation is intertwined with the successes of her husband, Rick Gonzalez. The couple’s financial strategy appears to be well-managed, focusing on sustainability and security. Investments in real estate and the careful management of Rick’s earnings from his acting career contribute to their stable financial footing.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Sherry Aon’s aspirations seem to focus increasingly on broadening her impact in philanthropic endeavors and further supporting her daughter’s aspirations and interests. Professionally, while she remains a supportive partner to Rick, she also shows potential interest in expanding her involvement in projects that align with her passions for arts and social change.

Social Media and Public Interaction

Sherry maintains a relatively low profile on social media, which aligns with her overall approach to public visibility. When she does engage, her posts often highlight her advocacy work, family moments, and personal insights into living a balanced life. This selective sharing is appreciated by her followers for its authenticity and rarity.

Role as a Role Model

In her quiet, steadfast way, Sherry Aon serves as a role model, especially for those who admire her commitment to family, her resilience in the face of challenges, and her dedication to causes that affect the less fortunate. Her life demonstrates that one does not need to be in the spotlight to make a significant impact.

Challenges and Overcoming Adversities

Throughout her life, Sherry has faced various challenges, from managing her early career in modeling to navigating the pressures of being married to a public figure. Each challenge has been met with grace and perseverance. Sherry’s ability to prioritize her family’s well-being, support her husband’s demanding career, and still find time to engage in meaningful personal pursuits is a testament to her strength and adaptability.


Sherry Aon’s life is a testament to the fact that one can remain connected to the entertainment industry yet not be overshadowed by it. Her journey from the artistic corridors of Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts to the quiet suburban life in California illustrates a life well-lived, defined by love, artistry, and an unyielding dedication to family values. Sherry’s story continues to inspire those who believe in the quiet power of living a life true to one’s passions and commitments.


Q1: Who is Sherry Aon?

A1: Sherry Aon is a former model and philanthropist, best known as the wife of actor Rick Gonzalez. She is deeply involved in charity work, especially focusing on arts and education for underprivileged children.

Q2: How did Sherry Aon meet Rick Gonzalez?

A2: Sherry Aon met Rick Gonzalez in high school, where they both attended Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts. Their long-standing friendship turned into a romantic relationship, culminating in their marriage in 2011.

Q3: Does Sherry Aon have any children?

A3: Yes, Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez have one daughter, Skylar Gonzalez, who was born in 2013.

Q4: What are Sherry Aon’s main interests and passions?

A4: Sherry Aon has a strong passion for the arts, wellness, and social advocacy. She is particularly committed to using her platform to promote educational opportunities and support for underprivileged children.

Q5: Where does Sherry Aon live?

A5: Sherry Aon resides in Hidden Hills, California, with her husband, Rick Gonzalez, and their daughter, Skylar.

Q6: What role does Sherry Aon play in Rick Gonzalez’s career?

A6: Sherry Aon plays a supportive role in Rick Gonzalez’s career, providing stability and support, which allows him to focus on his acting. She manages much of their family’s personal life, enabling Rick to pursue his professional endeavors fully.

Q7: How is Sherry Aon involved in philanthropy?

A7: Sherry Aon is actively involved in various philanthropic activities, primarily focusing on the arts and education for underprivileged children. She participates in fundraising events and collaborates with organizations to promote access to arts education.

Q8: Does Sherry Aon have a presence on social media?

A8: Sherry Aon maintains a selective presence on social media, where she shares aspects of her advocacy work, family life, and personal insights into maintaining a balanced life. She values privacy but engages with her audience on matters close to her heart.

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