Shani Hardwick: Everything About Omari Hardwick’s Sister, Age, carrier, Networth

Shani Hardwick

In a world where community leadership and advocacy are more crucial than ever, Shani Hardwick stands out as a beacon of dedication and effectiveness. Born on July 12, 1982, in Savannah, Georgia, Shani has devoted her career to bettering the lives of others through her role as a Community Director at March of Dimes. This article delves deep into her life, tracing her roots from a supportive family background to her significant contributions to community service and leadership.

Personal Details: Shani Hardwick

  1. Full Name: Shani Hardwick Wilson
  2. Popular Name: Shani Hardwick
  3. Date of Birth: July 12, 1982
  4. Place of Birth: Savannah, Georgia, USA
  5. Age: 41 years (as of 2023)
  6. Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  7. Nationality: American
  8. Ethnicity: Afro-American
  9. Father’s Name: Clifford Hardwick III
  10. Mother’s Name: Joyce Hardwick
  11. Siblings: Malik Hardwick, Omari Hardwick, and Jamil Hardwick
  12. Education:
    • Attended Marist School
    • Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Clark Atlanta University
    • Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University
  13. Occupation: Community Director at March of Dimes
  14. Net Worth: Estimated at $500,000
  15. Height: 5 feet 7 inches (approximately 170 cm)
  16. Weight: Between 60-65 kg
  17. Eye Color: Black
  18. Hair Color: Black
  19. Sexuality: Straight
  20. Marital Status: Married
  21. Spouse: Jerry Wilson
  22. Children: Two girls (one named Haven; the other’s name is undisclosed)
  23. Residence: Information not explicitly provided, likely resides in the United States based on her place of birth and work.

Early Life and Education

Growing up in Savannah, Georgia, Shani Hardwick was immersed in an environment that valued community, education, and resilience. As the daughter of Clifford Hardwick III, a practicing lawyer, and Joyce Hardwick, she was raised with a strong sense of justice and advocacy. Shani’s educational journey began at Marist School, where she excelled academically and developed leadership skills that would later define her career. She pursued higher education at Clark Atlanta University, where she studied mass communications, a field that sharpened her skills in effective communication, a cornerstone of her professional success. Furthering her education, Shani obtained a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, which equipped her with a broader perspective and a firm foundation in her chosen field of community service.

Career and Professional Life

Shani Hardwick’s professional career is a testament to her dedication to community welfare. Joining March of Dimes in December 2015 as a Community Director, she has played a pivotal role in orchestrating programs that aim to improve the health of mothers and infants. Her approach involves a strategic combination of advocacy, program management, and community engagement, which has led to significant improvements in maternal and infant health within the communities she serves. Prior to her role at March of Dimes, Shani gained extensive experience as an event coordinator and later as a Banquet and Events Manager at Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Her background in event management has been invaluable in her ability to organize, lead, and execute community programs effectively.

Family Influence and Personal Life

Shani Hardwick’s personal life is deeply intertwined with her professional ethos. Married to Jerred Wilson, an attorney, she finds both support and shared values in her partner, enhancing her ability to balance her demanding career with family life. Shani and Jerred are parents to two daughters, which adds a personal stake in her work focusing on maternal and child health. Her family life not only provides her with grounding and support but also enriches her understanding and empathy towards the families she helps through her work.

Shani Hardwick brothers

Yes, Shani Hardwick has siblings. She comes from a family with three brothers, making her part of a large and supportive family. Her siblings are:

  1. Malik Hardwick – The eldest among the siblings, born in December 1971. He likely set a strong familial example for his younger siblings to follow.
  2. Omari Hardwick – Born on January 9, 1974, Omari is the most publicly recognized sibling due to his successful acting career in Hollywood.
  3. Jamil Hardwick – Born in October 1979, Jamil has pursued a career in the entertainment industry as a television and film producer and entrepreneur.

About Shani Hardwick’s Parents?

Shani Hardwick’s parents are Joyce and Clifford Hardwick III, who have played significant roles in shaping her values and career path. Here’s a detailed look at each of them:

  1. Clifford Hardwick III: Shani’s father, Clifford, is a practicing lawyer. Born in September 1951, his professional life has been centered around the practice of law, an occupation that demands a high level of integrity, discipline, and a commitment to justice. These attributes likely influenced not only the environment in which Shani and her siblings were raised but also their understanding of public service and advocacy. His career as a lawyer would have offered the Hardwick children insights into the legal system and the importance of standing up for one’s beliefs and supporting the community.
  2. Joyce Hardwick: Born in June 1952, Joyce Hardwick is the matriarch of the family. While specific details about her profession are not extensively documented, it is clear from the family’s close-knit nature and Shani’s career path that Joyce played a crucial role in nurturing and providing emotional support to her children. Her guidance in their formative years helped instill a sense of duty, respect, and community service in all her children. Joyce’s role in the household was pivotal in maintaining a nurturing environment that enabled each of her children to pursue ambitious and varied careers.

Who is Jerred Wilson?

Jerred Wilson, the spouse of Shani Hardwick, is a professional deeply engaged in the legal field. He has been actively practicing law and has contributed significantly to the legal community. Jerred began his career in the legal sector as a Senior Mortgage Professional at Foundational Financial Group, where he worked for two years before transitioning to a more traditional legal role. His tenure at Michael G. Hostilo Attorneys at Law, spanning from December 2017 to November 2019, provided him with substantial experience in dealing with various legal cases and challenges. Following this, Jerred took on a role at The Wilson PC in December 2019, where he serves as an attorney.

Jerred Wilson Educationally,

Jerred Wilson is well-qualified, holding a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Florida and a Juris Doctorate from Georgia State University College of Law. His educational background and professional experience equip him to handle complex legal issues effectively and advocate for his clients vigorously. Jerred’s legal expertise not only enhances his professional life but also complements Shani Hardwick’s work in community service, as both fields often intersect around issues of public policy and advocacy. Together, Jerred and Shani form a partnership that bridges the gap between legal advocacy and community service, working towards common goals in their professional and personal lives.

Shani Hardwick & Jerred Wilson Childrens?

Shani Hardwick and Jerred Wilson are parents to two daughters. One of their daughters is named Haven. The couple has chosen to keep the name of their second daughter private, likely as a measure to protect her privacy and maintain some family life away from the public eye. This discretion reflects their approach to balancing their public responsibilities with personal and family privacy. The family is known to enjoy spending quality time together, engaging in activities such as visits to local attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, which not only serves as entertainment but also as an educational experience for their children.

Community Impact

Under Shani Hardwick’s leadership, March of Dimes has seen growth in outreach and effectiveness in tackling issues like premature birth, infant mortality, and maternal health. Shani’s initiatives often involve collaborations with healthcare providers, local businesses, and policymakers, creating a holistic approach to health and community welfare. Her efforts go beyond mere program management; they embody a compassionate and inclusive approach to leadership. Shani believes in empowering communities by providing them with the tools and knowledge to sustain healthy practices, which has led to lasting impacts beyond the scope of her programs.

Challenges and Resilience

Throughout her career, Shani has faced numerous challenges, from funding shortages to program resistance within communities. However, her resilience and strategic thinking have enabled her to overcome these hurdles. By leveraging her educational background and professional networks, Shani has navigated complex challenges and turned potential setbacks into opportunities for growth and learning.

Shani Hardwick Networth?

Shani Hardwick’s net worth is estimated at $500,000. This estimate reflects her successful career as a Community Director at March of Dimes, where she has made significant contributions to community service and non-profit organization management.


Shani Hardwick’s journey is not just a story of personal success but an inspiring example of how dedicated leadership can make a real difference in the world. Her work has touched the lives of countless families, demonstrating that with passion and perseverance, one can indeed drive change. As she continues her work with March of Dimes, her story remains a compelling narrative of commitment, resilience, and transformative leadership. Whether you are a budding professional in the non-profit sector or a community member passionate about health and welfare, Shani Hardwick’s life and career offer valuable lessons and inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shani Hardwick

1. Who is Shani Hardwick?
Shani Hardwick is an experienced community director at March of Dimes. She is known for her significant contributions to community service and non-profit organization management.

2. Where was Shani Hardwick born?
Shani Hardwick was born in Savannah, Georgia, United States.

3. What is Shani Hardwick’s educational background?
Shani Hardwick attended Marist School and later pursued higher education at Clark Atlanta University, where she studied mass communications. She also holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University.

4. What is Shani Hardwick’s role at March of Dimes?
Shani Hardwick serves as the Community Director at March of Dimes, where she manages and oversees programs aimed at improving the health of mothers and their babies.

5. How much is Shani Hardwick’s net worth?
Shani Hardwick’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, reflecting her successful career in community service and non-profit management.

6. Who are Shani Hardwick’s family members?
Shani Hardwick is married to Jerred Wilson, and they have two daughters, one of whom is named Haven. She also has three brothers: Malik, Omari, and Jamil Hardwick.

7. What is Shani Hardwick known for?
Shani Hardwick is known for her leadership and dedication in the field of community service, particularly her work with March of Dimes, which focuses on maternal and infant health.

8. How has Shani Hardwick contributed to her community?
Through her role at March of Dimes, Shani Hardwick has implemented and managed various programs that support maternal and child health, advocating for policies that improve health outcomes and providing resources and education to communities.

9. What are some challenges Shani Hardwick has faced in her career?
In her career, Shani has navigated challenges such as funding limitations and the complexities of managing large-scale community health programs, requiring strong leadership and problem-solving skills.

10. How does Shani Hardwick balance her professional and personal life?
Shani Hardwick balances her demanding professional role with her personal life through strong family support and effective time management, emphasizing the importance of both career and family.

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