Kirk Herbstreit Wife: Exploring the Life and Impact of Allison Butler

Kirk Herbstreit Wife

Allison Butler, the Kirk Herbstreit Wife, exemplifies a blend of quiet strength and significant influence behind the scenes. While Kirk is widely recognized for his insightful analysis and charismatic presence in the realm of college football broadcasting, Allison maintains a low profile, dedicating herself to her family and philanthropic efforts. A native of the United States, born on January 15, 1973, Allison met Kirk during their time at Ohio State University, where she was involved as a cheerleader while he played as a quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Personal Details: Kirk Herbstreit Wife

  1. Name: Allison Butler
  2. Date of Birth: January 15, 1973
  3. Place of Birth: USA
  4. Nationality: American
  5. Ethnicity: Caucasian
  6. Religion: Christian
  7. Profession: Businesswoman, Philanthropist
  8. Famous For: Wife of Kirk Herbstreit, Founder of Jill’s Wish
  9. Education: Ohio State University, Ph.D. in Psychology from Mount Holyoke College
  10. Marital Status: Married to Kirk Herbstreit since 1998
  11. Children: Four sons (Jake, Tye, Zak, Chase Herbstreit)
  12. Current Residence: Nashville, Tennessee

Early Life and Background

Allison Butler was born on January 15, 1973, in the heart of the United States. Growing up as the daughter of Douglas and Louisa Pike, Australian CIM missionaries, Allison experienced a childhood that was rich in diversity and imbued with a strong sense of community and service. These early experiences would shape her worldview and her subsequent roles both in her professional and personal life. Allison’s educational journey began earnestly at Ohio State University, where not only did she excel academically but also participated actively in campus life, which is where her paths crossed with Kirk Herbstreit.

Physical Appearance and Age

  • Age: 51 years old (as of 2024)
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Skin Tone: Fair

Meeting Kirk Herbstreit

It was at Ohio State University that the foundations of a lifelong partnership were laid. Allison, a vibrant and active cheerleader, and Kirk, then a dedicated football player for the Ohio State Buckeyes, met in a serendipitous encounter that soon blossomed into a deep connection. Their college years were marked by mutual growth and shared experiences, laying a strong foundation for their relationship. After four years of dating, filled with shared memories and mutual support, the couple decided to marry, setting the stage for a partnership that would support each other’s aspirations and dreams.

Who is Kirk Herbstreit?

Kirk Herbstreit is a prominent American sports analyst and commentator, best known for his work on ESPN’s “College GameDay,” a television program covering college football and broadcast live from different college campuses each week during the football season. Born on August 19, 1969, in Centerville, Ohio, Herbstreit was a true sports enthusiast from a young age.

Personal Achievements and Professional Life

Career and Philanthropy

While Kirk pursued a career in sports broadcasting, Allison carved her own path as a businesswoman and philanthropist. Her career is characterized by a keen sense of business acumen combined with a profound commitment to giving back to the community. Although specific details of her business ventures are kept private, it is known that Allison has been involved in various initiatives that focus on healthcare, education, and community service. Her role as a founder of Jill’s Wish, a foundation dedicated to supporting cancer patients, highlights her philanthropic nature and her dedication to causes that provide tangible help and hope to others.

Education and Lifelong Learning

Allison’s educational pursuits did not stop at Ohio State University. She furthered her education by obtaining a Ph.D. in Psychology from Mount Holyoke College, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and personal development. Her academic achievements have equipped her with the skills to manage her responsibilities as a businesswoman and community leader effectively.

Family and Marriage

Life with Kirk

Married in 1998, Allison and Kirk have built a life together that many admire. Their marriage is a partnership that has seen them relocate from Ohio to Nashville, Tennessee, in pursuit of a better quality of life and new opportunities. Nashville provided a fresh start and a place to raise their four sons away from the relentless media spotlight, a testament to their commitment to family and a balanced life.

Raising a Family

Allison’s role as a mother to four boys—Jake, Tye, Zak, and Chase Herbstreit—has been her most cherished role. Each of her sons has pursued paths reflective of their upbringing, from engaging in sports to academics. Jake and Tye, twins born in 2000, have followed in their father’s footsteps with interests in sports and media. Jake is involved in the Pat McAfee Show, while Tye has been a part of the Clemson Tigers football team. Zak, studying marketing, and Chase, a junior quarterback, have also shown remarkable prowess in their respective fields, reflecting the values instilled in them by their parents.

Allison Butler and Kirk Herbstreit Children?

Allison and Kirk have four sons: Jake, Tye, Zak, and Chase. Their sons are actively involved in sports and academics, reflecting the family’s emphasis on education and personal development.

  • Jake Herbstreit pursued his education at Ohio State University, following in the footsteps of his parents. He has shown an interest in the media industry, particularly through his engagement with the Pat McAfee Show.
  • Tye Herbstreit also attended Clemson University, where he played as a receiver for the Clemson Tigers football team. His athletic career highlights his commitment and talent in football, influenced heavily by his father’s legacy in sports.
  • Zak Herbstreit has chosen a path in marketing, studying at Ohio State University. His involvement in football and his academic pursuits reflect a balance of athletic and scholarly interests.
  • Chase Herbstreit is the youngest son, currently making his mark as a junior quarterback at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati. His leadership and strong mindset on the field demonstrate his emerging potential in football.


Nashville: A New Home

The decision to move to Nashville in 2011 was motivated by a desire for privacy and a slower pace of life, allowing Kirk and Allison to focus on raising their children away from the public eye. Nashville’s vibrant community and the relative anonymity it offered provided a perfect backdrop for their family life. Here, Allison’s role as a homemaker takes precedence, managing a busy household and ensuring that their children have a nurturing environment to grow up in.

Day-to-Day Activities

Allison’s typical day is a blend of managing household responsibilities and engaging in her philanthropic activities. Her ability to balance these duties while supporting her husband’s career is a testament to her organizational skills and dedication. Despite her significant achievements, she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, allowing her actions to speak louder than words.

Allison Butler net worth

The net worth of Allison Butler, the wife of Kirk Herbstreit, is not publicly disclosed. Allison maintains a private lifestyle and has not shared details about her financial status. While Kirk Herbstreit, a well-known ESPN sportscaster, has an estimated net worth of around $12 million, details about Allison’s personal net worth remain private, focusing instead on her roles as a businesswoman, philanthropist, and supportive partner in her marriage with Kirk Herbstreit.


Allison Butler’s life is a tapestry of dedicated family life, professional achievement, and a commitment to making a positive impact. While she may not seek the limelight, her influence is palpable in the success of her husband and the values their children embody. Allison Butler is more than just Kirk Herbstreit’s wife; she is a pillar of strength, a nurturing mother, and a proactive citizen who has made substantial contributions to her community. Her life is a reflection of her values, and her story is one of quiet yet profound influence.

FAQs About Allison Butler

Q1: Who is Allison Butler?

A1: Allison Butler is Kirk Herbstreit wife, a well-known ESPN sportscaster. She is also recognized for her philanthropy and business achievements, including founding Jill’s Wish, a charity supporting cancer patients.

Q2: How did Allison Butler and Kirk Herbstreit meet?

A2: Allison and Kirk met while both were students at Ohio State University. Allison was a cheerleader, and Kirk was a member of the football team. They dated for four years before marrying in 1998.

Q3: What is Kirk Herbstreit Wife known for professionally?

A3: Aside from being known as Kirk Herbstreit wife, Allison is a businesswoman and philanthropist. She has a PhD in Psychology and is the founder of Jill’s Wish, which focuses on supporting cancer patients.

Q4: How many children do Allison Butler and Kirk Herbstreit have?

A4: Allison and Kirk have four sons: Jake, Tye, Zak, and Chase. Their sons are actively involved in sports and academics, reflecting the family’s emphasis on education and personal development.

Q5: Where does Allison Butler live?

A5: Allison Butler, along with her husband and children, resides in Nashville, Tennessee. They moved there in 2011, seeking a quieter life away from the public eye and to provide a nurturing environment for their children.

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