Glena Goranson: Meet Pete Carroll Wife Glena Goranson, Age, Parents And Kids

Glena Goranson

In the world of sports, where the spotlight often focuses on the players and coaches, the supportive figures in their lives sometimes receive less attention. This article seeks to illuminate the life of Glena Goranson, the wife of Pete Carroll, a prominent figure in American football. Married since 1976, Glena has been a steadfast partner through the various phases of Carroll’s extensive career, from his early days in coaching to his recent executive role with the Seattle Seahawks. This detailed exploration delves into her background, role within the Carroll family, and her influence on Pete Carroll’s life and career.

Personal Details

  1. Full Name: Glena Goranson
  2. Birth Year: 1955
  3. Place of Birth: California, United States of America
  4. Parents: Dean Goranson and Dolores Goranson
  5. Siblings: Two sisters, Greta Goranson and Carla Becskehazy Goranson
  6. Education: Attended the University of the Pacific, where she was a scholarship athlete in indoor volleyball
  7. Marriage: Married to Pete Carroll since 1976
  8. Children:
    • Brennan Carroll, born March 20, 1979
    • Jaime Carroll, birthdate not publicly disclosed
    • Nathan “Nate” Carroll, born March 24, 1987
  9. Career Influence: Glena has been a significant supportive figure in Pete Carroll’s coaching career, often attending his games and events
  10. Role in Family: Known for her supportive and nurturing role within the family, maintaining strong family bonds and providing stability

Early Life and Education

Born in 1955 in California, Glena Goranson’s early life set the stage for a person who values family, commitment, and personal growth. Growing up in a family with strong bonds, as the daughter of Dean and Dolores Goranson, Glena was instilled with a sense of resilience and community from a young age. Her childhood was shared with two sisters, Greta Goranson and Carla Becskehazy Goranson, creating a close-knit familial environment that valued connection and support.

Glena’s educational journey took her to the University of the Pacific, where she not only pursued her academic goals but also excelled in athletics. As a talented indoor volleyball player, she made significant strides in her sport, becoming Pacific’s first lady scholarship athlete. This period was not only formative in her development as an athlete but also pivotal in her personal life, as it was here that she met her future husband, Pete Carroll.

Meeting Pete Carroll and Marriage

The university setting was the backdrop for the fateful meeting between Glena and Pete, sparking a relationship that has endured the test of time. Their meeting during their college years marked the beginning of a partnership that has spanned over four decades. Married in 1976, the couple embarked on a journey filled with personal and professional milestones. Glena’s unwavering support and understanding have been a cornerstone of Pete’s successful career in football, both on and off the field.

Who is Pete Carroll?

Pete Carroll is a well-known figure in American football, renowned for his coaching acumen and leadership skills. Born on September 15, 1951, in San Francisco, California, Carroll has had a long and successful career in both college football and the NFL. He is most notably recognized for his time as the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, a position he held from 2010 to 2023. Under his guidance, the Seahawks achieved significant success, including a Super Bowl victory in the 2013 season (Super Bowl XLVIII). Prior to his tenure with the Seahawks, Carroll also served as the head coach for the New York Jets, New England Patriots, and the USC Trojans college football team. In 2024, Pete Carroll transitioned to an executive role, becoming the Executive Vice President of the Seattle Seahawks, further cementing his legacy within the organization and the sport.

Role as a Supportive Partner

Throughout Pete Carroll’s career, from coaching at the collegiate level to his extensive tenure with the Seattle Seahawks, Glena has been a constant figure of support. Her presence at games, events, and awards ceremonies, such as the 2015 Humanitarian of the Year Awards at the Conga Room in Los Angeles, underscores her role not just as a partner but as a key figure in Pete’s professional life. Glena’s ability to maintain a balance between supporting her husband’s career and nurturing their family has been exemplary.

Family Life and Motherhood

The Carroll family grew with the arrival of their children, each of whom has carved out their own path, reflecting the values instilled by their parents. Their first child, Brennan Carroll, was born on March 20, 1979. Brennan followed in his father’s footsteps into the world of football coaching, demonstrating the influence of both his parents in his professional choices. The couple’s second child, Jaime Carroll, has maintained a low profile and values privacy. Their third son, Nathan Nate Carroll, born on March 24, 1987, has also pursued a career in football, currently holding a position as a senior offensive assistant for the Seattle Seahawks.

Glena Goranson And Carroll Children

Brennan Carroll

Brennan Carroll, the eldest son of Pete Carroll and Glena Goranson, was born on March 20, 1979. Following in his father’s footsteps, Brennan has built a career in football coaching. He attended Saratoga High School in California, where he played high school football, demonstrating early on his interest in the sport. Brennan furthered his education and football journey at the University of Pittsburgh, where he served as a graduate assistant. His coaching career has included roles with the USC Trojans, where he worked under his father, and later with the Seattle Seahawks. His involvement in coaching continues to reflect his deep engagement with football, both influenced and supported by his family’s legacy in the sport.

Jaime Carroll

Jaime Carroll, whose personal details and career are more private compared to her siblings, has maintained a low-profile presence away from the public eye. Information about Jaime is limited, and it appears she has chosen a path that steers clear of the sports and media spotlight that follows her father and brothers. This choice reflects a preference for privacy, making specific details about her education, career, or personal life largely unknown to the public.

Nathan “Nate” Carroll

Nathan “Nate” Carroll, born on March 24, 1987, in Edina, Minnesota, is the youngest son of Pete and Glena Carroll. Nate has also pursued a career in football, much like his older brother Brennan. He has been involved with the Seattle Seahawks in various capacities, most notably serving as a senior offensive assistant. Nate’s career in the NFL, particularly with the Seahawks, showcases the Carroll family’s ongoing connection and contribution to the sport, underscoring a shared family passion for football coaching and strategy.

Glena’s Influence and Legacy

Glena’s influence on Pete Carroll’s life and career extends beyond mere companionship. Pete has often credited Glena with providing unwavering support and insight, referring to her as an “angel” in his life. Her role in his transition from head coach to executive vice president of the Seahawks is a testament to her enduring impact on his personal and professional development. Glena’s legacy is not only reflected in her husband’s achievements but also in the values and success of their children, continuing the tradition of excellence and integrity.

Glena Goranson’s Net Worth

As of the last available data, Glena Goranson’s individual net worth isn’t publicly disclosed and it can be challenging to estimate accurately without direct information on her financial activities or assets. Typically, the net worth of spouses who are not celebrities themselves tends to be less documented unless they have significant public business or entertainment careers.

However, in the context of her marriage to Pete Carroll, it’s reasonable to consider their financial situation jointly, given Pete’s successful career. Pete Carroll’s net worth is reported to be around $30 million, primarily derived from his salary as a head coach in the NFL, endorsements, and other football-related activities. This wealth is likely shared with Glena, given their long marriage and partnership. Glena herself, aside from her early athletic endeavours, has not been publicly noted for a career that would significantly alter this figure independently of her husband. Thus, while specific details about her personal net worth are not available, her financial status is closely tied to that of her husband’s success in the sports industry.


Glena Goranson may not seek the limelight, but her role in the Carroll family and her influence on one of football’s most respected figures cannot be overstated. From her early days as a pioneering student-athlete to her ongoing support of her family, Glena embodies the qualities of resilience, support, and commitment. Her story is a powerful reminder of the significant impact that supportive partners can have in the demanding world of professional sports. Glena Goranson, while often behind the scenes, is truly integral to the Carroll family’s enduring legacy in American football.

Pete Carroll FAQs

Who is Pete Carroll?

Pete Carroll is a renowned American football coach known for his dynamic coaching style and successful tenure as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks from 2010 to 2023. He won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks and is respected for his motivational skills and defensive expertise.

What are some career highlights for Pete Carroll?

Some notable career highlights include winning Super Bowl XLVIII with the Seattle Seahawks, revitalizing the USC Trojans football program as their head coach, and his unique philosophy of coaching that emphasizes positivity and competition.

What is Pete Carroll’s coaching philosophy?

Pete Carroll’s coaching philosophy is built around the concept of “Win Forever,” which focuses on competition, maintaining a positive mindset, and continuously striving for excellence in all aspects of life, not just football.

Glena Goranson FAQs

Who is Glena Goranson?

Glena Goranson is the wife of Pete Carroll. She has been a supportive partner throughout his coaching career and is known for her background as an athlete, having been a scholarship volleyball player at the University of the Pacific.

How long have Pete and Glena Goranson been married?

Pete and Glena Goranson Carroll have been married since 1976, sharing a partnership that spans over four decades.

FAQs on Carroll’s Children

Who are Pete and Glena Carroll’s children?

Pete and Glena Carroll have three children: Brennan Carroll, Jaime Carroll, and Nathan “Nate” Carroll. Brennan and Nate have pursued careers in football coaching, reflecting the influence of their father.

What does Brennan Carroll do?

Brennan Carroll is a football coach who has worked with college football teams and the NFL, including a role at the Seattle Seahawks.

What does Nathan “Nate” Carroll do?

Nate Carroll has worked in various coaching roles for the Seattle Seahawks, including serving as a senior offensive assistant.

Is there information available about Jaime Carroll?

Jaime Carroll maintains a low profile, and as such, specific details about her life and career are not widely publicized.

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