Meet Cindi Knight: All About Andy Griffith’s Wife Career, and Life After Andy Griffith’s death?

Cindi Knight

Cindi Knight, known for her brief stint in acting during the late 20th century, is most famously recognized as the third wife of the beloved actor Andy Griffith. Her life story is marked by a deep commitment to her family and her late husband, a commitment that extends beyond her professional career into her personal sacrifices and the way she has managed her life post-Andy’s demise. This article delves into the life of Cindi Knight, exploring her biography, career, and the profound impact of her husband’s passing on her life.

Personal Details Of  Cindi Knight

  • Full Name: Cindi Knight
  • Date of Birth: May 2, 1953
  • Place of Birth: North Carolina, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Profession: Former actress
  • Education: Attended Terry Parker High School; further education details involve local theater and dance classes.
  • Parents: Muriel Knight (mother) and Bobby Knight (father)
  • Marital Status: Widow (married to Andy Griffith from April 12, 1983, until his death in 2012)
  • Children: Stepmother to Dixie Griffith and Andy Griffith Jr. (both adopted by Andy Griffith)
  • Career Highlights: Known for her acting in Murder in Coweta County and her roles in the television show Matt Houston.
  • Net Worth: Estimated at $60 million, largely inherited from her late husband, Andy Griffith.

Who is Cindi Knight?

Cindi Knight is best known as the third wife of the famous actor Andy Griffith. Born on May 2, 1953, in North Carolina, she initially pursued a career in acting and teaching before marrying Griffith. Cindi Knight had a brief career in the entertainment industry, appearing in the television show “Matt Houston” and the movie “Murder in Coweta County,” where she acted alongside Andy Griffith.

Early Life and Education

Born on May 2, 1953, in North Carolina, Cindi Knight was the daughter of Muriel and Bobby Knight. Both her parents were educators in the Duval County School System, which perhaps instilled in her the value of education and the arts from a young age. Cindi attended Terry Parker High School where her passion for acting and dance was nurtured through local theater school programs. This foundation set the stage for her future pursuits in the entertainment industry.

Career Before Andy Griffith

Before her life became interwoven with Andy Griffith’s, Cindi Knight was a high school English teacher, following in her parents’ footsteps. Her teaching position at Wolfson High School in Jacksonville was marked by popularity among students, attributable to her kindness and engaging teaching style. However, the call of the arts led her to resign from teaching and move to Los Angeles to chase her acting dreams. During this transition, she supported herself by working as a substitute teacher while auditioning for roles.

Relationship with Andy Griffith

Cindi Knight’s path crossed with Andy Griffith in a serendipitous manner. They first met at a volleyball game in 1978 and began as friends. Their friendship blossomed over shared interests and eventually led to romance. The couple’s relationship deepened while co-starring in the film Murder in Coweta County. By 1983, Cindi and Andy decided to wed in a private ceremony held on April 12. This marriage marked the beginning of Cindi’s new life, one that would see her stepping away from the limelight to support her husband, especially through his health challenges.

Career Post-Marriage

Cindi Knight

After marrying Andy Griffith, Cindi Knight made the loving decision to leave her budding acting career to focus on her personal life. Her last known acting role was in the 1983 movie Murder in Coweta County. Post-marriage, her life took on a new role as Andy Griffith’s partner and caregiver, especially as his health declined.

Andy Griffith’s Health and Death

Andy Griffith suffered from various health issues later in life, including Guillain-Barre syndrome which led to severe physical debilitation. Cindi was by his side throughout his struggles with health, including quadruple heart surgery in 2000 and hip surgery in 2007 after a severe fall. Andy Griffith passed away on July 3, 2012, at their home in Manteo, North Carolina, leaving Cindi a widow.

Life After Andy Griffith

Following Andy Griffith’s death, Cindi Knight chose to live a life away from the public eye. She rarely made public appearances or statements, preferring to maintain a private life. Her decision to shun the spotlight reflects her nature and perhaps her deep personal grieving process.

Net Worth and Legacy

Cindi Knight inherited a significant portion of Andy Griffith‘s estate, contributing to her estimated net worth of $60 million. Despite her wealth, Cindi has kept a low profile, focusing on her life in North Carolina and maintaining the legacy of her late husband through discreet charity work and community involvement.


Cindi Knight’s life story is one of love, dedication, and quiet strength. While she began her journey in the spotlight as an actress and a teacher, her ultimate legacy is defined by her unwavering support for her husband and her choice to lead a life defined by personal values rather than public recognition. Her story is a poignant reminder of the personal sacrifices often hidden behind public figures and the enduring power of devoted love.


Q1: Who is Cindi Knight?
A1: Cindi Knight is best known as the third wife of the famous actor Andy Griffith. She is a former actress who left her career to support her husband, especially through his health challenges.

Q2: How did Cindi Knight meet Andy Griffith?
A2: Cindi Knight met Andy Griffith at a volleyball game in 1978 and their relationship grew while co-starring in the film Murder in Coweta County.

Q3: Did Cindi Knight have any children with Andy Griffith?
A3: No, Cindi Knight did not have biological children with Andy Griffith but was the stepmother to his two adopted children, Dixie Griffith and Andy Griffith Jr.

Q4: What was Cindi Knight’s profession before marrying Andy Griffith?
A4: Before marrying Andy Griffith, Cindi Knight was an actress and a high school English teacher.

Q5: How has Cindi Knight managed her life after Andy Griffith’s death?
A5: After Andy Griffith’s death in 2012, Cindi Knight has maintained a low profile, focusing on her private life away from the public eye.

Q6: What is the net worth of Cindi Knight?
A6: Cindi Knight’s net worth is estimated at $60 million, primarily derived from her inheritance from Andy Griffith’s estate.

Q7: Who inherits Andy Griffith’s net worth?
A7: Andy Griffith’s net worth has been divided between his widow, Cindi Knight, and his daughter Dixie Griffith. Each received an equal share estimated at $30 million.

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