Azja Pryor: Life, Career, Divorce Everything About Chris Tucker’s Ex-Wife

Azja Pryor

Azja Pryor, born on September 18, 1978, in Berkeley, California, is a remarkable figure who has navigated a significant transformation from a successful Hollywood casting director to an influential health and wellness coach. Her journey is a testament to resilience, passion, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment.

Personal Details

  1. Full Name: Azja Pryor
  2. Date of Birth: September 18, 1978
  3. Age: 45 years (as of 2024)
  4. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  5. Place of Birth: Berkeley, California, USA
  6. Current Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA
  7. Nationality: American
  8. Ethnicity: African-American
  9. Height: Approximately 6 feet
  10. Eye Color: Brown
  11. Hair Color: Black
  12. Profession (Current): Health Coach
  13. Profession (Former): Casting Director
  14. Education: Los Angeles Community College
  15. Marital Status (Current): Married to Cherif A Ndiaye
  16. Former Spouse: Chris Tucker
  17. Children: 2 (Destin Christopher Tucker, Iman Joelle)
  18. Step-Children: 2 (from Cherif’s previous relationship)
  19. Social Media: Instagram (@loveazja), Facebook (Azja Pryor – Fit Mom Inc)
  20. Hobbies: Working out, traveling, hiking
  21. Net Worth: $3 million

Early Life and Education

Azja Pryor was born on September 18, 1978, in Berkeley, California, marking the beginning of a life filled with diversity and cultural richness. Raised by her mother, Deborah B. Pryor, Azja developed a deep appreciation for her African-American heritage early on. Her upbringing in Berkeley, a city known for its vibrant and inclusive culture, played a significant role in shaping her personality and values.

Azja completed her education at Hamilton Sr. High School, where she laid the groundwork for her future ambitions. She further honed her skills and knowledge by attending Los Angeles Community College, which set the stage for her initial career path in the entertainment industry.

Career Journey in Entertainment

Initially, Azja Pryor made her mark as a casting director, a role in which she excelled due to her keen eye for talent and her understanding of the dynamics of the film industry. Her work behind the scenes helped bring numerous projects to life, earning her respect and recognition within the industry.

Personal Life and High-Profile Relationships

In 1997, Azja’s life took a turn towards the glamorous as she married Chris Tucker, a renowned actor known for his role in the “Rush Hour” series. Their union brought them a son, Destin Christopher Tucker, born on September 13, 1998. However, the marriage ended in 2003, with the reasons for their separation remaining private, as neither party has discussed the details publicly.

Following her divorce, Azja briefly dated Christopher Brian Bridges, famously known as Ludacris, in 2005. Their relationship, though short-lived, was a notable part of her journey through high-profile connections.

Finding Love Again and Building a Blended Family

Azja found love again with Cherif A Ndiaye, a Senegalese personal trainer and life coach. Their bond is a testament to shared values and mutual respect. Together, they welcomed their daughter, Iman Joelle, on April 16, 2017. Azja and Cherif’s blended family includes Cherif’s two children from a previous relationship, highlighting their commitment to family unity and support.

Who is Cherif A Nadiaye?

Cherif A Ndiaye is known primarily as the husband of Azja Pryor. He is a Senegalese personal trainer and life coach. Cherif, who also goes by Adou Ndiaye or Aduman, has a presence on social media, particularly on Instagram (@coachcherif), where he shares his expertise in fitness and wellness. Cherif and Azja share a daughter named Iman Joelle and have a blended family that includes Cherif’s two children from a previous relationship. His work as a personal trainer and life coach reflects his commitment to health, fitness, and helping others achieve their wellness goals.

Transition to Health and Wellness

After her time in the entertainment industry, Azja pursued a new passion as a health coach. This career shift allowed her to focus on helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. As a health coach, she specializes in nutrition and fitness, offering personalized coaching that emphasizes holistic wellness. Her approach combines physical fitness with healthy eating habits, ensuring that her clients receive comprehensive guidance.

Social Media Presence and Influence

Azja maintains an active social media presence, particularly on Instagram (@loveazja) and Facebook (Azja Pryor – Fit Mom Inc). Through these platforms, she shares fitness routines, family life, wellness tips, and motivational content. Her posts inspire and encourage her followers to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of self-care and well-being.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

With an estimated net worth of $3 million, Azja has built a successful career that spans both the entertainment and health sectors. Her lifestyle reflects a balance between her professional achievements and her personal passions. She enjoys working out, traveling, and hiking, often sharing these experiences with her family and followers.


Azja Pryor’s journey from a casting director to a health coach is a story of resilience, passion, and transformation. Her ability to navigate life’s challenges and transitions with grace and determination makes her a source of inspiration. Whether through her professional achievements or her personal growth, Azja continues to influence and motivate those around her, proving that change can lead to fulfilling new paths.

Facts About Azja Pryor

Azja Pryor was born and raised in Berkeley, California, and has a rich African-American heritage.

She was formerly a successful casting director before transitioning to her role as a health coach.

Azja was married to Chris Tucker, with whom she shares a son, Destin Christopher Tucker.

She later found love again with Cherif A Ndiaye, a Senegalese personal trainer and life coach, and they have a daughter, Iman Joelle.

Azja stands at approximately 6 feet tall, showcasing a fit physique that complements her profession as a health coach.

She has an active presence on social media, particularly on Instagram (@loveazja) and Facebook (Azja Pryor – Fit Mom Inc), where she shares her fitness journey and wellness tips.

Her estimated net worth is $3 million, accrued from her careers in both the entertainment and health industries.

Azja enjoys working out, traveling, and hiking, often sharing these experiences with her family and followers.


Who is Azja Pryor?
Azja Pryor is a former casting director known for her past marriage to actor Chris Tucker. She has transitioned into a successful career as a health coach, specializing in nutrition and fitness.

How old is Azja Pryor?
Azja Pryor was born on September 18, 1978, making her 45 years old as of 2024.

What is Azja Pryor known for?
Azja is recognized for her previous role as a casting director in the entertainment industry and her marriage to Chris Tucker. She is now acclaimed for her career as a health coach.

Who was Azja Pryor married to, and does she have children?
Azja Pryor was formerly married to actor Chris Tucker, and they have a son named Destin Christopher Tucker. She is currently married to Cherif A Ndiaye, and they have a daughter named Iman Joelle.

What does Azja Pryor do for a living now?
Azja Pryor is a health coach focused on nutrition and fitness, helping individuals achieve their health goals through personalized coaching and wellness strategies.

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